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When Should I Sell My House
  • You inherited a property
  • You are ready to downsize
  • You have a house that flooded
  • You don't want to be a landlord anymore
  • You don't want to invest thousands in repairs
  • You need to pay off debt
  • You can't afford the mortgage
  • You have lost your job
  • You had to move out of town
  • You got a divorce
  • You don't want to go through a rebuilding process
  • You want to retire
  • Your house won't sell
  • You want more control over your finances
  • Your neighbors are a problem
  • You just want a do-over
When Do People Buy Houses

If the kids are out of school

If the house doesn't require any repairs

If a bank can loan money on the house (ie. passes inspection and appraises)

If they are transferred

If the house is in a "good" neighborhood

If they need more room

If they need less room

If the house is priced right

If the house is "Perfect"

Sell Your House

People Sell and Buy Houses all the time;  and, for a number of reasons.  You want to sell your house.  We want to buy your house.  Now, is the best time to give us a call.  


Sell Your House the Same Way Others Have Sold Their House

We both felt you and Jon were the best "match" for our Mom's home and would sell it to good people.  Mom would agree!  ...Dina R.


I can't believe how quickly and smoothly you bought our house so we could move on.  What a relief! ... Amy G.


Everything was quick, easy and smooth!  Thank You. ... Janetha M.


I was out of state.  I didn't even have to come to Houston to handle the sale.  You took care of everything including the lawn.  Your help is appreciated.  ...Debra J.