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You Need to Sell Your House

You want to sell your house, but you are not sure which is the best way for you do it.  We can help you explore all the options in detail.  Below is an overview on the methods available for selling your house.

Hire a Realtor

The traditional way of selling a home.  Do you remember buying your home?  The process contains many steps.  Selling a home requires additional steps.  See below for details.  

Sell it Yourself

Sell your house by owner.  Act as the realtor, the appointment setter, the title company, the repairman, and the seller.    If you have time, you can save the realtor commissions, but you can't save the closing costs.  

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Sell Your House to Us

We will buy your house for cash and handle all the paperwork.  You have no repairs, no staging, no closing costs,  and no waiting. 

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Sell Your House in the Traditional Way

Selling your house through a realtor can create some additional stress.  The way it goes is something like this:

Contact friends and family for a realtor recommendation

Set an appointment with the realtors

Let the realtors walk through the home.

Choose a realtor

The realtor looks at some homes in your neighborhood that sold

Your negotiate with the realtor the "Listing Price"

You sign a contract for x number of days. 

You fill out a disclosure noting everything that is wrong with the house. 

The realtor points out items that you may need to repair before you can sell. 

It is recommended that you "declutter" and clean the inside and outside of your house. 

The realtors "Lists" your house. 

The appointment service schedules showings. 

You must "pick-up" your house, put away your pets, and vacate the premises for an hour for the showing.  

The realtor provides you with an offer or why you didn't get an offer. 

You read the offer and accept or negotiate. 

If you accept, there is an option period where the buyer can back out. 

An inspection is scheduled.  

The buyer can ask you to repair any deficiencies the inspector finds or back out. 

An appraisal is scheduled. 

If the property does not "appraise out", the buyers can back out or ask you to lower the price. 

The buyer gets approval of funds from the lender to buy your house.  

If the buyer can't qualify, the buyer will back out.  

If the buyer backs out for any reason, the process above repeats. 

If the buyer is good and the option period expires, you will go to closing. 

The buyer does a final walkthrough the day of closing. 

If the buyer loses his job, gets transferred, or for whatever reason, he/she can back out of the contract. 

You go to closing 30-45 days after signing the contract.  

You pay anywhere from 8% to 10% of sales price in closing costs. 

You sign over the title. 

You receive your money.

Sell Your House to Property Porters

You call us or contact us with your property and contact information. 

We schedule an appointment to come see the property. 

We make you an offer based on the market value.

You accept/negotiate the offer. 

We may make another visit with our partners. 

 We close in 5-10 days.

You sign the title paperwork.

You receive Cash for your House.

No Risk Approach to
Selling Your House

Selling your house can be easy.  We want to buy your house.  Let us take a look at your property and make you an offer right away.   If you are not satisfied, and think that perhaps a realtor would be a better route.  We will call our realtor then and there so she can make a visit to list your house.  If you still want to continue the project of selling your house "by owner", at least you will have more valuable information to move forward with selling your house.   



Sell Your House the Same Way Others Have Sold Their House

We both felt you and Jon were the best "match" for our Mom's home and would sell it to good people.  Mom would agree!  ...Dina R.


I can't believe how quickly and smoothly you bought our house so we could move on.  What a relief! ... Amy G.


Everything was quick, easy and smooth!  Thank You. ... Janetha M.


I was out of state.  I didn't even have to come to Houston to handle the sale.  You took care of everything including the lawn.  Your help is appreciated.  ...Debra J.